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Meditation oFFERINGS


2 weeks • 75 minutes per session

Learn how to meditate. A sampling of the Mindfulness Curriculum, this two-week primer is an introduction to mindfulness and offers suggestions for deepening a meditation practice. From there, clients have the opportunity to continue with the other four classes from the Mindfulness Curriculum or schedule Guided Meditation+ sessions as needed.

6 weeks • 75 minutes per session

Ready to dive in? This program offers a comprehensive study of the major components of a mindfulness practice. After an introduction to basic principles, areas of focus include: deepening a meditation practice, working with difficult thoughts and emotions, using mindfulness to alleviate physical pain, creating a gratitude routine, cultivating self-compassion, and living mindfully every day.

As needed • 30 minute session

These sessions begin with a brief check-in followed by a guided 10-minute practice. Then, once centered and present, the remainder of the time can be spent discussing obstacles encountered during meditation practice or any other mindfulness-related topics. A true coaching session, this is an opportunity to share and receive supportive and attainable personalized feedback on working with challenges in your practice.

Weekly drop-in Meditation
Every Friday Morning • 7:30-8:00 am PST

Drop in for a free guided meditation that is comfortable for beginners and experienced practitioners. This can be a good way to try mindfulness, include meditation in your weekly schedule, or add some variety to your existing practice. You may leave your camera off if you choose and verbal participation is not required. Everyone is welcome!

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